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How to Remove Upper Lip Hair

Like a lot of women, I suffer from an annoying growth of hair on my upper lip. Now while this may not seem like the biggest problem on the planet, it can effect a women’s sense of confidence. To make matters worse, I am naturally a very dark-haired woman so even the slightest growth of hair can be visible.

For years I never really paid too much attention to my problem and was happy just set up a waxing appointment at the local beautician every ten days or so. I thought that this was an adequate upper lip hair removal method and over time this just came the norm and a routine was established. Then the money problems started.



My husband got laid off from work and my hours at the hospital were nearly halved. Anyway to make a long story short, it was decided that sacrifices had to be made and certain luxuries had to be altered. It was at this point that I decided to look for the best method of permanent hair removal for women. This would save me the weekly trip to the beautician and also the money!

After chatting to some of my friends and doing a bit of research online, I decided to buy a single bottle of product know as Ultra Hair Away – a supposedly permanent natural hair removal method. I was attracted to this product because of its natural ingredients and also by the fact that it seemed so easy to use. All it took was to spray the area where you wanted no more hair and allow the magic to begin!

According to the Ultra Hair Away site, this product causes hair to lighten and decrease in volume until, over time, full removal is accomplished. I have been using this product on my upper lip for the past three weeks and so far it is doing exactly what it says! Regular treatment has resulted in the hair on my lip becoming finer and lighter in color!

The only bad thing that I can say about Ultra Hair Away is the fact that I did not find it sooner – it would have saved me a small fortune!