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Diet Plan and Exercise Program with Best Results

weight lossMany people i know, men and women, are constantly looking up diet plans and effective exercise programs to lower their weight. I would like to go through with you my  diet plan and exercise program which will hopefully yield better results in terms of weight loss success and an increase in overall health.

First off, diet

Now, the problem with following diets from books and magazines is that they won’t be specific to you. There’s no personal touch which you usually ends up with people consuming foods they generally dislike and giving up quickly. I recommend no specific diet plans, just some basic guidelines to follow:

Eat 3-5 meals a day. This will keep you metabolism high and provide you with energy all day long.

Get your five fruit and veg a day. Now I’m not being specific here because which fruit and veg you eat won’t really effect your overall weight loss. The natural sugar, vitamins and minerals within will help to provide you energy all day long.

Get your carbs in at breakfast and lunch. Energy dense carbohydrates will help to keep you going all day. These should be avoided in the evening as your body doesn’t need an energy boost before bed.

As far junk food goes try keep this to a minimum. 2-3 pieces of a ‘junk’ a week should be sufficient to help you keep your sanity as well as keeping those cravings back.

Finally, try and keep everything balanced. Eat healthy, yet treat yourself once in a while. It doesn’t all have to be a slog.

Moving on to exercise

Many people go to the gym 3 times a week for an hour in order to burn calories to aid their weight loss. The average person will burn 500 calories in an hours gym session. 3×500 that’s 1500 calories burnt in a week. If this isn’t helping you loose weight then why not try to add some more walking into your week? Walking at a brisk pace burns about 250 calories an hour, so 4 hours of extra walking a week will burn an extra 1000 calories. But how will i fit this into my already busy week? Here are some suggestions:

– Walk to the shops/town/work/school/gym instead of using the car whenever possible.
– Use the stairs instead of the lift.
– Moe the lawns regularly. Burns more calories and keeps the garden looking nice.
– Be on your feet more at work if possible.

If you can’t do any of the above then you may just have to take some leisure walks during your free time. It may not be the number one thing for you to do on your day off but in many peoples case will be much more enjoyable than slogging it at the gym for another half hour. On the other hand, many people enjoy going to the gym once they get into the swing of things. So to sum everything up, move more – burn more fat!

Our last topic before we conclude is rest. Try and get a good 8 hours of sleep per night. There have been several studies that link lack of sleep to weight gain and obesity. To improve the quality of your sleep and the rate you fall into it, try and and avoid things such as computer games and TV right before bed. This will keep the brain active when in reality you should be getting into shutdown mode.

To conclude the above, eat a balanced diet, be more active any way you can and make sure you get a sufficient amount of good quality sleep. Now there’s little reason to be sat at your computer looking for ways to loose weight as I’ve just told you how. It’s up to you now. All there is to it is to get up and do it. Happy fat burning!