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House Action on Health Care Reform Repeal

Last night, the House of Representatives voted 245-189 to pass the the “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act” (H.R. 2).  At this time, the Senate has no plans to take up consideration of the bill, which would be unlikely to pass and would almost certainly face a Presidential veto if it were to.

The House will next take up consideration of H.Res. 9, instructing House Committees to recommend measures to replace the reform law. Specifically, the resolution directs Committees to “proposing changes to existing law” that address many of their chief concerns with the health law including: provisions that spur economic growth and create jobs; lower health premiums; preserve patients’ ability to keep their health plan; provide people with pre-existing conditions access to coverage; reform medical malpractice; increase the number of insured; protect the doctor-patient relationship; provide States with more Medicaid flexibility; expand personal responsibility; prohibit taxpayer funding of abortions; eliminate waste; and do not accelerate the insolvency of entitlement programs.

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Republican Governors Outline Policy Options for Medicaid Reform

The Republican Governors Public Policy Committee issued a report in response to a request from House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton that includes the following policy options for Medicaid reform:

  • Repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with market-based reforms;
  • Allow states to define an outcome-based program operating agreement with CMS (program would include a limited number of measures and eliminate federal review process for Medicaid programs);
  • Enable states to measure accountability through measures of quality, cost, access and customer satisfaction;
  • Repeal maintenance of effort requirements; Entrust the state with responsibility for program integrity;
  • Require the federal government to assume the cost of uncompensated care for illegal aliens;
  • Allow states to pilot programs to reduce the occurrence of cost-shifting between the state and federal programs;
  • Permit a state (if it can demonstrate budget neutrality) to use state or local funds to pay for Medicaid services of system improvements that are not currently “matchable;”
  • Encourage states to develop innovative programs to reduce chronic illnesses, emergency room visits, and hospitalizations;
  • Provide states with the ability to implement bundling projects;
  • Allow states to use only one managed care organization (rather than at least two as currently required by CMS);
  • Amend ACA’s eligibility definition to reverse the use of MAGI;
  • Allow states to contract with private firms to streamline eligibility determination;
  • Provide states with flexibility to design benefit structures;
  • Eliminate benefit mandates that exceed private insurance market benchmark or benchmark equivalent;
  • Permit states to divide Medicaid into different parts; and
  • Engage in shared savings arrangements for dual eligible beneficiaries.

The report will serve as the basis for the Committee’s Health Care Summit in Washington in October.

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